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Hi From Saginaw Texas
I'm in Saginaw, Texas...that's the Fort Worth area.

I'm a 31-year Airman (not years old...but, years in!) I'm at NAS JRB Fort Worth Texas (formerly Carswell Air Force Base). I am in the Air Force Reserve and that is also my full-time job.

My first ever time to join and post on a forum was last week. I found this site and, thru it, found the HAP group and couldn't not join in. I've just started doing rectangles for them, not in time for this month's PTE...but, have 4 done for the next one.

I learned to knit as a kid, my Grandma taught me; but, I never kept it up or did anything with it. I picked it up again late last year when my niece was pregnant and I wanted to do a blanket. I did and she loves it. But, I'm still just a very basic knitter...still trying make my knitting more consistent while trying new (easy) stich patterns.

Just finished my first dishcloth and it turned out good. This site has already helped me A LOT! I'm excited !!!!!! and will be looking around for lots of tips!
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