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Too Hot To Knit!
Bah! I've hardly knitted at all this summer due to the heat and my hands sweating. I'm going through knitting withdrawal! I want so badly to finish the socks for my son and the sweater for hubby (the one I started over a year ago ) that I was supposed to have finished this past winter. *sigh* I don't even feel like a knitter right now since I've hardly touched any yarn or needles since about April :(

I'll try to get a little knitting in on those rare occasions my hands are dry, but, not more than 2 minutes into it, my hands start sweating again.

Oh well, I guess I'll have plenty of knitting to do when it cools down and my hands are dry enough to knit though, huh?? lol...

Anyway, just had to vent because it's sooo
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