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Jcmom has a good point about searching for posts about homespun. I did. I was quite worried about what I read but since I had already spent $40 on the yarn I just decided to go for it anyway. The afghan I did was my very first knitting project I started. It taught me a lot though. Because the yarn is so difficult to work with *VERY SPLITTY AND ONERY* it taught me to be mindful of keeping loose tension and I learned that using large needles was a MUST. A few times I wanted to throw the project away. I frogged several inches of it at least 3 times (mostly from learning to knit). But I'm VERY happy that I stuck with it to the end. Imagine being wrapped up in silky clouds. That's what it feels like. Big squishy heavenly clouds. It was worth all the curse words I invested into it.

I'm on Ravelry!

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