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OMG! The pink Summer Tweed is knitting up FABULOUSLY! I made a Viking Knits pullover back in 2004 using Rowan Summer Tweed in a red called Summer Berry. It is wonderful! You will love it!

My LYS (over in North Eastern Washington by our wilderness property) is having a half-price sale on Summer Tweed, too. Hmmm. Makes me think maybe Rowan is getting ready to discontinue it. That's what happened to POLAR, too. BTW, can you imagine my joy to discover a QUALITY YARN SHOP over in Hicksville, USA? I mean,this little town at the base of our mountain property is teeny weeny. Only one grocery store, and two gas stations, and lots of local eateries! No Starbucks, No Walmarts, No McDonalds and such! And one divine yarn shop!
Oh, and a great art gallery, and a couple old timey hotels!

A great little town actually! So unlike anything I've ever seen!
The yarn shop owner is all over me! She is running the shop in the two front rooms of her little house on main street! She is very classy. Lithe, grey-haired, and in the summer she wears white linen capris and shirt with great handmade jewelry! She is a great knitter, too!

Anyhoo, enough of that.

THANKS so much for the input. Yes, that is a good idea. I will swatch the CHACO CANYON Taos when it arrives. The proof is in the puddin' they say! JimmyBeansWool emailed me that the CHACO CANYON is on backorder fo r2 weeks. That's ok. I gotta finish my brothers jacket, and tonight I wound my 15 skeins of NATURWOLLE BLACK FOREST yarn. On our wilderness week (next week)...if I get Rick's jacket pieces done, I'm gonna make a VOGUE Buttoned Cape for myself.

The Ruana and the Ponco that I started for Ethel, my brother's wife, are a bust. I hate them. As I knit along, thinking about the project and how it might look of her...I got discouraged and scrapped the projects. I just haven't hit upon the right pattern with the right yarn FOR HER. sigh. So, for now, I haven't chosen anything for Ethel. Hmmm. I wonder...maybe a Central Park Hoodie? It comes in the larger ladies sizes now. (like I'm small...yeah right! ) But Ethel is taller than me by quite a bit, and she is BUSTY. I'm not, and I made the size 46 finished chest.

PS: I found a cable in my computer files, called FLIRTATION. A free cable design from VOGUE. Just GOOGLE 'vogue flirtation cable' and tinker around on their website for the free stitches section. It's there.
I might do this cable on each side of that CELTIC/VIKING lattice cable! I like it!

Oh gads, I'm tired. I'm gonna say goodnight. I recorded the finale episode of HELL'S KITCHEN tonight!
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