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I just got of the phone with the coordinator! They are very excited about receiving our blankets. I had given her the blog in a voice mail. When I talked to her she had just finished looking at the blog. She told me she was in awe of our talent and willingness to give.

They have a need for everything! She said anything from preemie isolette covers - twin beds.
They ask for soft washable like we've been doing. She really stressed soft! She also asked us to stay away from all yellow or all green blankets. Apparently jaundice and other sick babies look much sicker under a yellow or green blanket than other colors. We can include a card, if we want, but we have to refrain from get well and religious messages. So it's really not all that different from what we were doing.
I'm really excited, it seems more real now. I keep thinking of themes during the most random times. I'm going to have to keep a little notebook or something with me.
I'd be happy to do a boarder. I can also do the last section. I'd also be happy to start some. So really just let me knit and I am happy!

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