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Originally Posted by gargoylelib View Post
I learned first with dpn's then moved to magic loop and finally to
2 circs for small diameter knitting. I tend to grab 2 circs these days
because it's the way I like best It's also useful because I have
a 3 year old who likes to flop in my lap at any given time and dpn's
are just to dangerous for that!

I would suggest learning all 3 methods and finding which one you
like best. I find it useful knowing them all though because at different
times with different projects I have found each one to be useful


Think you hit the nail on the head there, Libbie.

I like Magic Loop for baby hats but preferred using two circs when I was finishing the rib of a cardigan, with the sleeve knitted top down.

DPNs are great for eliminating any ladders because it's so easy to rotate the stitches but I can knit faster with 'Loop and two circs.

My black lab and three cats definitely prefer Magic Loop (can't imagine why)

Best Wishes

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