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I arrived home last night (around 8pm) and my hubby hands me this box. I notice that's it from Shandeh and my first thought is "Oh no an oddball baby blanket arrived and I didn't remember". I first asked him when this came, he said "oh last wednesday or thursday I think". GEEZ. I of course asked him why he didn't TELL me it had arrived. Here I'm all worried this blanket has been sitting for a couple days and I didn't even know it. So I couldn't even let everyone know it had arrived safe and sound.

To my suprise it was a BEAUTIFUL oddball care shawl. I want to personally thank each and every one of the ladies that took the time to knit the Mysty Blues shawl. It's absoluately gorgeous!

When I'm a bit more presentable I'll be sure to take a picture of it on so you ladies can also marvel at your beautiful handywork!


PS. Shandeh if you are still working on these oddball shawls and need another knitter, I'm happy to help!
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