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Originally Posted by gmmarton View Post
Spikey, and other Northeast knitters,

I worked on the blanket called "Patriotic Party." It was very cool...I also worked on the all-white blanket. Very beautiful to look at, though I'm just wondering about the practicality of an all-white blanket. Anyway, I'd like to start something red, white, and blue. I have a Marine back in Iraq for the third time now, and this particular blanket is very symbolic for me. I will also start a Rainbow blanket, though I should go back and look at the colors needed to complete our rainbow! Let me know! Remember, I'm on vacation for a few more weeks!!!
gmmarton - thank you to you and your Marine for all that you have done and continue to do! Many wishes that your Marine comes home safe, sound, and soon.

Sounds like we should do another rendition of Patriotic Party. Since we're still in July, maybe we should call it Independence Day. What do you think, sarahbean? Is that ok with you?
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