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Originally Posted by gmmarton View Post
I will also start a Rainbow blanket, though I should go back and look at the colors needed to complete our rainbow! Let me know! Remember, I'm on vacation for a few more weeks!!!

I thought a separate post might make it easier to read...

Sounds like gmmarton would like to start Northeast Rainbow. Is that title ok with you?

For those who haven't done one of these before, we do the colors of the rainbow in order, all in the same stitch. How about if we start with garter stitch?

So we'll need knitters for:
Red - gmmarton
Orange - kellee0302
Yellow - lisa1216
Green - stitchermom (ravelry)
Blue - Spikey
Purple - threesmom

This might not need a crocheted border, as it should look pretty neat and clean in all garter.

I am happy to do the blue or the purple, but want to give others a chance, too.

Any other Rainbow lovers out there?

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