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M-Tec students in KH?

A few months ago, I enrolled in M-Tec's Medical Transcription online course. After much reviewing and asking around, it seemed to be the one of the best choices around. I heard that it was a hard program to complete, but thought the challenge would be good.

I've heard a couple people here mention that program and was wondering what your experiences where at M-Tec.

It seems that I'm always making really bad mistakes and my instructor has contradicted herself a couple of times. The session I'm in, I asked her a question about the submission of the session's reports and she told me that I was right. I submitted the report and she returned it to me, w/o even reading it, saying that I had turned it in the wrong way (after initially telling me that my submission question was right).

I wonder if it's me or an instructor thing.
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