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I am eagerly awaiting Sandy's package, although I still have a set of needles from one of the most recently blankets I worked on (I was the last knitter).

Folks, we need to make a few decisions.

1) What kind of blankets do we want to make? Do we want to make worsted AND preemie? If you've never worked on these blankets before, here's the difference:

Worsted usually has about 100 stitches and is done in worsted weight acrylic. These blankets are a little thicker and a bit larger.

Preemie blankets are a little smaller because there are only about 90 stitches and made out of DK weight acrylic yarn.

Both are lovely...just different. I don't mind doing both types.

2) Charities: We need to decide which ones we want to donate to. I apologize that I've been slow on the ball on this one. I work about 30 hours a week, so I can't do as much research as I'd like. What I was hoping is that you would provide me with with a place near you, and then I would call that place to firm up details of what they will accept and special requirements for them. Some charities are very strict about the kinds of personal messages allowed, blanket sizes, etc.

So, if you can do the initial legwork for me, I'll do the follow-up, create documentation so we have it in black and white, and go from there.

3) Names for the blankets. Let's start brainstorming. I'll admit that I am not very creative. Oh, I can follow instructions, but the creative part...not in my natural make-up.

I had some thoughts, though...

Since we're from different states, I thought it might be fun to make some state-themed things...using state colors or mottos for ideas? Maybe famous landmarks would give us some ideas. Like about "Gold Rush 'something or other." (see, I told creative abilities are sketchy).

Anyhow...those are some of my thoughts...

FYI...I will be going out of town a couple of days next week and the week after (six day weekend, if you will), although I'll have my laptop with me and am notorious for posting messages while sitting on a soccer field.

I'm probably going to take some of the stuff that Sandy sends me and cast on for some blankets.

So, let's get working, ladies!!!

I'm thrilled to be working with you, and I look forward to producing lots of love-filled, beautiful blankets.

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