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Thanks, y'all...for your input. Deb, thank you for calling the hospital. I appreciate you getting all of that information for us.

I think it's safe to say that we can work on both types of blankets, right? If nobody else finds a place to donate the preemie ones, we'll just designate the hospital in Salem as getting these.

As far as what we write in the cards that accompany the blankets, I think that probably signing a card with our names and states is the simplest thing to do. I know from reading some others' experiences, that we need to be very careful not to include religious references as well as too much about "growing up," "long life," etc., since many of the babies are very sickly.

The thing about timing the donations, picking charities, etc...

I want to make sure that we all feel included. I, personally, don't mind NOT delivering blankets. My personal satisfaction comes from having worked on the blankets, which is what I know all of you feel as well.

It might just be better to pick one or two, say one for the worsted and one for the preemie and just donate the blankets to these places. This keeps it simple. After say, six months (that's a lot of blankets too), we could switch it up...spread the love.

Whatcha think?

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