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Okay, here's my 2 cents worth, and maybe not worth much more, but here goes anyway..

When working a pattern repeat, I always use a clicker counter, or row counter of some sort. So I will always know where I left off, whenever I end a row I click the counter to the row I should start on *next*, when I return to my work.

With four kids, I *always* put my work away when I put it down for even a minute. I do this as a pro-active way to keep accidental damage and lost needles, etc, to a minimum. My DM who of course has no kids to bother her is always losing needles because she justs sets her project down assuming it won't go anywhere, lol. Somehow things happen anyway! So my advice is to always put your work in a basket, bag, or whatever, to keep it together while you're not working at it. Oh, and pick it up so it doesn't get stepped/sat on,thus avoiding broken needles (and un-necessary pain!! )

I hope I haven't just jinxed myself
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