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Hi, Teri! Great idea about the 3-ring binder with sleeves! I've GOT to get out to Staples or Office Depot soon!

You all are a hoot, and the ideas you're writing up are super! Here's a new one from me.

TIP: Easy pattern reading

When I first started knitting again, I was back to square one. Of course, the patterns that appealed to me most were pretty complex with stuff like 8 row pattern repeats, etc., but I was game and I'd found KH!

I was making afgans and baby blankets for the family. I was afraid I'd go blind trying to read and follow those tiny little lines of type in the pattern books, to say nothing of the confusion! So the first thing I did with a pattern was to re-write each row on an individual 5x7 index card.

I used symbols for the stitches such as a box for knit stitches and an x for purls, trying to make it more visual.

If I had several knit stitches I'd draw the box and write the appropriate type and amount of stitches (example: K 6 inside a box or X-6 written like that). I broke the pattern for that row down into what looked like logical sequences and wrote each on a different line of the card, using every other line. (I used a gel pen so the ink was darker and easier to read.)

Then I'd stack my index cards on the sofa next to me and just move the current card to the back when I was finished the row.

I always knew where I was in the pattern (once I got in the habit of turning the card as soon as I was finished the row!) Also, as I wrote the pattern out on the cards I was getting familiar with it. Once it was written out with the symbols I could lay the cards out and actually see how the pattern was formed.

It's been well worth the time so far to write up my little "cheat sheets"!
And an added plus is that I can file the cards in a file box to use if I want to do the pattern again, or to repair one I've done if it's damaged.

Hope this helps!

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