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Hi! Thanks for all the hard work JJ! I like the idea of having 2 blankets going at once, maybe even consider having co-located people knit in order -- it might be fun to hand off personally even -- put a face to a name/id

I've never done a button but am fairly computer savvy and think I could do it. I'll take a stab at it this weekend.

What size blankets are we going to do? Or are we going to vary the size depending on what we feel like?

As for colors -- if we have 2 going -- maybe have one be traditional baby colors (boy/girl/gender neutral) and the other be related to an upcoming holiday (Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter White, etc) or some other special theme (fruit loops, greens, seed stitch, etc). Maybe the one who starts the blanket can decide the theme and then have us all take turns starting. Just some ideas.

Lastly, I finished and edged a premie blanket in May and when I was done I found that I was compelled to start a new blanket on the empty needles -- they just kept talking to me, saying how sad and empty they were.....anyways, maybe think about having the last person on the list start the next blanket while they have the needles with them.

Oh, speaking of needles, I recently got KP Options so I have some Boyce's I'd be happy to donate to the cause if they are the right size......

Smiles -- Adri
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