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Hiya Folks

I've found out that it pays to be careful which way you point a stitch holder if you're using it to hold stitches at the back of a cardigan.

It's all well and good the pattern saying place so many stitches on a holder - what it doesn't tell you is to watch which end of the holder you place them on.

I've recently picked up some stitches on the right front and neck of a child's cardigan and had my stitch holder with the point going to the right as well - that means that I've gone up the side of the cardigan and now the stitch holder is facing the wrong way - have to put the held stitches on something else so that I can transfer them to the working needle.

In other words, if you usually start picking up stitches on a right front or neckline, make sure that the pointed end of the stitch holder is facing left (from inside the garment) when you place the stitches on the holder.

If you don't, you'll have the wrong end of the holder facing you and if you used a knitting needle as a holder, you'll end up with the blunt end at the wrong end for you to pick up.

Hope this makes sense.


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