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More ideas!
Throw me in wherever I am needed. Since we are small (For the moment atleast) do we only want to have 2 going at a time? If so, I'll wait and start a new blanket when one is completed?

I am making the assumption we will all take turns starting a blanket. With our size, I think 2 going on at once will be a good start. If we get more people we can add more. No reason to overwhelm ourselves!

Since we are all interested in donating to different places, how about the person that starts the blanket can pick the place it is donated to? Whether it's close to home or another organization. Then everyone will be able to donate to a charity they are interested in.

HAIN's website is still down (they are moving it to a new host/server). So if anyone doesn't have or know of a local place to donate, they might chose a hospital that is on the list in their state or near their home. It might be a good place to start if you're unsure.

Let me know what you ladies think. I just throw my two cents in. Besides it's free


PS. Let me know if I can be of any help. I have a set of needles I can use/donate if we need another set! I can also crochet borders on, so feel free to put me last if you need that done!
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