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Originally Posted by catcook View Post
Great tips here! Especially the life line! Since I haven't knitted much I can't tell you how many times I ripped out the whole piece because I couldn't get the stitches or kept dropping a stitich or just plain messed it up trying to frog. Sorry I don't have any tips maybe some day I will have knitted enough to contribute.
Don't worry, Kitty-Kat! It won't take long before you're either frantically searching for solutions or inventing your own. Desperation, NOT necessity, is the real mother of invention! And there's not much more desperate than a knitter who's balled something up after putting in hours and hours of work.

So stay tuned, learn lots, and then send in your solutions, too! They'll be appreciated, especially since you'll probably be looking at things with a new (to knitting) pair of eyes.

Thanks, again!
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