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Originally Posted by Ladylou View Post
Hi There!

I got DPNs off of ebay as well I really loved the DPNs that I got so I ordered the circular needles and the hooks from the same seller I really really love all of them, they're fantastic and have held up super well. they're also all engraved (and he handmakes them) his ebay name is jian0028 and I really reccomend all of his needles (and the starting price is $9.00 for a set of DPNs I think, which has 5 needles per size and there are sizes 0-11 )

Hope that helps! (and sorry it kind of turned out like a sales add really love my needles obviously )

Thanks so much for sharing this. I received my needles from that seller today and they are really nice and smooth just as smooth as my CP DPN's.
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