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[quote=MAmaDawn;1132101]I don't ever remember to mark paper when I'm knitting. So the paper and pencil to keep track just wasn't working for me and neither would the row counters that sit next to you.

Hi! I also got impatient with marking paper or turning a stitch counter when I'm knitting. I just wanna keep going!

But there were times I had to count rows and/or repeats in a pattern. So I just put some pennies in a bowl and sat it next to me and then I could take one out (one-handed, of course!) and line it up on the sofa or table next to me. I could tell which number of repeat I was on just by looking at the coins.

I guess for a more complex pattern you could use nickles AND pennies and even quarters, depending on how much you have to keep track of (and if you've been to the yarn shop, how solvent your finances are!!! )

Either way, I found this simple. Hope it works for 'ya!

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