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Hi There Everyone!

Okay, this is a VERY exciting day Tonight I'm going to the Warm Woolies headquarters to drop off our completed blankets!!!! I wasnt sure if I could do it this week since I havnt been feeling well, but I am feeling well enough! I promise to take pics of the volunteers for ya'll

Also- For all those knitters of Flower Garden (onb4050, Kayrun, and Kellee0302)... I really loved Gail's idea of stranding together two colors of Simply Soft I went ahead and bought a soft pink to do my section, along with two skiens of the cream color that she used. I'm going to include the cream yarn in the package, and if you'd like to use it (with whatever other color and yarn you choose ) please do! I think it would look fantastic to have the same color yarn all the way through. Please dont feel pushed to do so, but there is enough to go through the whole blanket Please let me know what you think of this idea:D

I hope you're all donig well! Wish me luck tonight

I'm ladylou on Ravelry as well
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