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Originally Posted by jberry16 View Post
I thought I had a cotton stash pic, but not sure where it is, but I have my big stash box & I know where my cotton is...this starts when?
Officially, I thought we'd start on the day of opening ceremonies, which is August 8th. Here's the link for a schedule. Looks like "someone" got a little excited. I just love the enthusiasm!!

Originally Posted by DeAnzaJig View Post
I hope no one minds but I had to start this KAL a little early.

I looked and looked, but couldn't find an Olympics themed dishcloth pattern for this KAL, so I designed my own!
I love it!!! I had hunted and hunted for a pattern. You ROCK!!!!!!!
This is going to be the first one I make!!!

Originally Posted by Karina View Post
Auburnchick - Nice cotton collection what is the colour and make of the last two balls, the variegated blue. Love those
Those are Tahki Cotton color name, just a number. They were a gift from another knitter on one of the Oddball Baby Blankets. I'm thrilled that I have a project to use them with!
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