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Originally Posted by cdjack View Post
I'm ready and willing to work on the blankets whenever anyone wants to send one my way.

Oh, and my lys is in Celina, Texas (just north of Frisco). My knit group meets on Wednesdays. Now I can't remember who asked about the location of my lys, but I do remember that you lived in Sanginaw. Is Ft. Worth closer to you? I heard Jenning Street Yarns is nice.
That would be me...and, yes, Saginaw is in the Fort Worth area (I'm stationed at NAS JRB Fort Worth. I'll have to check out Jennings. I'd like to find a group that gets together to knit. I'm not ready to start in on these blankets yet, but, I might later, when I get a little more consistent (I'm still a newbie). I'll keep up on the progress, though!
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