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Originally Posted by fibrenut View Post
I went n took a peek at those n OMG.... those are some awesome looking spindles. I really, really, really like that tibeten one with the little gems in it n stuff. That one is gorgeous.
I think that those ones with the big $$$ are the ones that has 24K gold in the design. I like that one with the red dragon too!
I've done a bunch of research and the Golding spindles seem to be the best weighted & the most loved, just fyi. And the only seller on Etsy that I heard of was Butterflygirldesignes & viking santa...I didnt care too much for his, b/c he can't type & that always makes me wonder, and then I didn't see any notches on Butterflygirls so, I'm sure there's a way, but how do you keep it from not just spinnnin around n around n around? I'm seriously thinkin of getting one of those spindles. Jacob just told me that I need to make more yarn so I can make him some mittens...sounds like a good enough excuse to me to get one
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