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Thanks Christine I think I'll order it now, yay! just have to decide which one to get? when I buy things I think of it as my payment for doing things around the house and with the kids.

Lisa that wouldn't work, asking about the $ of race parts bc my FIL has bought everything for that car-it's 'his' but Brian drives it b/c my FIL is way to big (6'4ish & easily 300lbs or +)

Christine welcome home! get some rest, if you don't check in for a couple days it will be ok, just don't wait 3. We love reading your posts & seeing that cute puppy avatar.

For those of you dealing with mid-west storms & "Dolly" please be careful & know that we're here watching the weather in dry country hoping for some rain.

Bobbi congrats! What's the name of the Daycare? (I think when Jess abbreviated Aus she meant Austrellia b/c she was there for school a while back-before you joined the forum)

OK well after being gone for 2 days today I'm going to knit the last sleeve! gosh darnit! I was able to knit about 20 rows last night & easily have another 64 to go before I'm done with the decreases & then another 16 after that...I'd love to get that done today and block them so I can seam the CPH up, it's driving me crazy not having it done & not getting to work on it. Tomorrow I probably wont check in in the mornin since I have my wonderful yearly PAP, o boy! jk. But I told DH that he's keeping all 3 kids (yes, all 3) and I'm going by myself. He kept all 3 last night long enough for me to go to Target to get them some more soap/shampoo b/c we forgot it on Sun & when I came home he was brushing their teeth (1/2 hour early) and putting them to bed...guess he got a burst of energy & fun from the older 2 and wasn't going to put up with it at 8pm, which is good...I just think it's funny b/c if I'd been here I would have still been the 'incharge' parent & he would have just backed me up...but they were in bed by 8:15 or so & had to skip their baths b/c they decided to run in the house. Too bad too b/c the soap/shampoo I got smells really good & I wanted to use it :(
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