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Originally Posted by G J View Post
Chris, maybe we could go in on timeshares for buy it, and send it to each of us to share for a time!

Originally Posted by dustinac View Post
Chris~I agree with GJ on a timeshare thing...but I get to go first 'cause I'm closer to ya (jk)
Mommy MOOMMMYYY Gina and Dustinac won't let me play with my toys - I don't want to share any more.

Originally Posted by Abbily View Post
As for me, I'm going out with my handbell friends tonight for some much needed 'me' time, so that will be nice.
Strange when I tell DSWMBO that I am going out with some friends she says that I'm going out with those ding-a-lings again. Should I tell her that I'm going out with some handbell friends? Maybe if I knit her a hat I could pull the wool over her eyes?

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