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Welcome back, Christine! HOpe you have time to relax and knit today, and not just do laundry and catch up at home!

Bobbi, I can't wait to find out about the job for you! WTG! DD is working for a Montessori day care for the summer. It's good experience for her, but many of the kids are spoiled and lack good manners and social skills. And Montessori seems a bit weird to me. They don't encourage imaginary play! In fact, it's not allowed! How odd is that?!?

Lisa, how's work? It's nice that you have time to post, even though you're busy!

Chris, I couldn't find the "click on the link that looks like" part of your instructions. And quit yer cryin! We'd let you have it back once in a while!

Dustina, you'd think we'd all remember to copy our posts before we hit "submit reply", but I still forget, too!

Carey, I've always loved the sound of handbells. Have you played long?

Julie, Can't wait to see your completed CPH!
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