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Thanks, Chris, but I didn't see a coupon OR that date anywhere on the site. I wonder if it's a location thing? I'm usually pretty computer savy. NOt that I NEED a coupon or don't worry about explaining it again!

Julie and Bobbi, I ordered from KP yesterday. I just ordered some Harmony tips and a needle sizer. I find their sizes don't quite work with my Boye sizer.

I think I finally decided on a stitch pattern for the middle of the Drops top I'm making. It's taken TONS of swatching to find one I can
a) do easily with Portuguese knitting and
b) works with this yarn.

I'd show pics, but I don't have a digital camera and DD's is with her and DH's batteries are dead. ETA: His CAMERA batteries are dead....he doesn't run on batteries!

Anyway, I'm using a mock cable right stitch (July 23 in the 365 knitting stitches a year calendar).
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