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Bobbi & ! way to go girly!!! c'mon knitpicks! what age will you be 'teaching' can you knit during nap time?

Thanks Chris, what's the part that she's spinning with her foot?

Gina that will be really pretty! What color, I forgot.

I'm done with the sleeves!!!!!! now I just need to figure out, do I knit the button band and then the collar? or do the collar first? I'm thinking the button band and then pu sts from the edge of that to make the collar waiting on a few returned msgs from ravelry-ers (can I make up that word?).

& this is just too cute not to post, taken a couple days ago. That's her 'toy basket' she's pulling up on to get her toys out.

Guess I'll be taking baby socks to the PAP appt tomorrow, 'cause I'm not seaming a sweater in a doc's office, though it would probably bring about just as much if not more conversation - however I can't talk and think about seaming at the same time. Gonna have to wait till the kids & Dh go to bed.

Karina o where art thou Karina???

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