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Hi Everyone!

Say hello to our newest members, nostash2big, lyntintin, and tuxedo cat! here is a fresh update from our blog:

Knit By: Ladylou (Lexie)


Flower Garden - For all of the remaining knitters on this blanket... I really fell in love with what Gail did on Flower Garden, so I did the same color of cream in Caron SS (paired with pink to compliment the green that she did) and also included enough of the cream for every knitter to do the same (pair it with another color and knit with the two together ). Please dont feel pushed to do this at all, but I thought it was a fun idea!

2.Ladylou - working on blanket
3. onb4050
4. Kayrun
5. Kellee0302

Lemon Zinger
1. Ladylou-completed!:D
2. MuvverDawn^ - working on blanket
3. Kellee0302
4. Knittymuggins
5. Kayrun

Peachy Dreams
1. LBECK-working on blanket
2. McKnitty
3. onb4050
4. meggin^
5. Lyntintin^

Crochet Cuteness
1. lmorris^-working on blanket
2. Knittymuggins
3. Ladylou
4. meggin^
5. tripletmomma

Over the Rainbow
1. Ladylou
2. nostash2big^
3. Lyntintin^
4. Open!!
5. Open!!

Isnt this great?

I'm ladylou on Ravelry as well
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