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Being of a natural bodging nature (making something for nowt and a perennial pack rat) I've been using the cylinder from the inside of a cling film pack to store my DPNs - or Scuds as my hubby refers to them.

He says I nearly had his eye out once - men are such babies - it was a good quarter of an inch from his eye socket - dunno why he was making such a fuss.

Sorry ... oh yes, the cylinder. I got the inside foamy round pad thing from a coffee jar lid, cut it to size to fit the bottom of the cylinder and fixed it in place with duct tape. To stop the needles from spilling out the top of the container, I make a little pom pom and pop it on top.

This doesn't sound very appealing but if you have any small children or grand children lurking around, you could ask them to paint the cylinder with acrylic paint or get some pretty gift-wrap, and stick it to the cylinder with PVA glue.

I'm sure there are lots of decorative effects they could do and it struck me as being a cheap and cheerful present for them to make for their favourite knitters at Xmas.


PS - Sorry, I meant the idea might not sound very appealing - not anyone's children or grandchildren

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