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Hi all -

Sorry for my delay in posting. Yesterday we found out the results of my dog's surgery - cancer. I've cried and cried. After he heals up we will figure out next course in treatment. Needless to say these blankets were the last thing on my mind! But I'm doing better with the diagnosis and I'm back!

Danielle - I think we have a name already for the blue blanket. Mamapaulsel suggested "Ocean Waves". We can always do another blue blanket later and call it "little Boy Blue".

Lucky_alf - The button is too cute! I it! Thank you so much for making it for us!

I do agree with Shandeh and the spammers. Meanies! I will create a master list and keep everything together. If I am going to be out of town or whatever, I will get someone to be my backup. Any volunteers?

I've got the list for both blankets now and I will update the blog accordingly. Y'all can go ahead and start the blankets whenever you are ready. Just let me know when you are ready for them to go to the next person and I'll get things moving. I will PM Mamapaulsel and Secksiebrat a form to include with the blankets when they are shipped. And remember that you are welcome to send small gift or something in your package to the next person, but it is NOT necessary to do so. And please get some sort of delivery confirmation so we can keep track of our knitting.

I do need one thing from each of you - can you please PM me your mailing address and email address. That way I can start fresh with a current, new list of everyone. And if you can crochet borders, let me know that, too.

If you end up having ideas for new blankets, please post and we can start them whenever we feel ready.

I'm shutting up now - is this post long enough?

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