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Okay.... Need help and need it FAST! Please!
Okay, here's the deal. My family is adopting a special needs little boy (1 1/2 months) with bilateral schizophrenically. Our 100+ year old house (we are living here) is unfinished, upstairs completely gutted, ect. It all needs finished by the time the Social worker come to check us out. But we are running low on building supplies, and my dad took a pay cut. Day to day, we are *fine*. But when you suddenly throw in adoption fees, agency fees, homestudy fees, baby care fees, you can tell the money goes fast. I have exactly 7 days to knit a bunch of (NON copywrited.... I wouldn't sell something I wasn't supposed to!) knitted/crochet crafts to sell. I need some really fast knits/crochets. Ideas???? I want it to look nice tho.... Not real tacky stuff. That just gives knitting a bad name. Any one? Help?
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