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Greetings from GERMANY!
Well, I made it here a few days ago- and have finally found a way to use the Internet on my computer in the hotel-- cost about $100.00 but, I'm good for a month now. EURO is very expensive!
I will be living in a beautiful area- I did finally post some updated photos on my blog:

Update on my thumb tendon injury- I spent a month in a cast and am now in a remove-able cast that I can take off a few times a day. Soon, I'll be wearing a support brace that will stay on all night and whenever I'll be using my hand. Still can't lift anything heavy w/ it or knit w/ my hand-- but, at least the hand surgeon opted out on the surgery for my hand that he had talked about. (yeah!)

I miss knitting so much... however, I have a lot to do w/ my new job, my move, etc.
*Check it out!!! Lots of photos
*It's all about: The Life and adventues of an American living overseas who finds time to knit every now and then.
Updated almost daily.. honest!
I'm moving to Germany this summer! My name on Ravelry is: iwouldratherknit
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