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Back to your original question, though, I still have no ideas. Does your family have a website that is set up to accept donations if people wanted to help out that way? I'm assuming you have a church that may be willing to help some? You can only sell so much knitting, and in such a short amount of time, I worry it won't be much help. :(
Honestly, not right now. My dad is a web designer tho, and if we decide to do that, he could fix it fast. We just moved here, and haven't found a body of like minded beleivers..... So that nixes that question too.

I've already designed a market bag, almost finished that, going to make some coasters (modifying a pattern to fit my needs), finished 1 1/2 toys...... I knit pretty fast, and tho I know I may not be a big help to my parents, I'm gonna trust God and know that He knows. I mean, I could talk for hours, explain things for hours, worry for hours...... And the thing I always come back to, is "He knows." And he does. I'm just trusting.
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