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Oh! I hadn't checked this thread for a few days because I didn't think anyone was interested! I do have my yarn and have already started on the shawl. I would love to have someone to knit along with me though - this or any other shawl would be great!

I'm at a stall at the moment because a close friend's birthday is this weekend and I had to stop for a few days to work on another quick project, so it'll give you guys time to catch up.

Do you have Ravelry? If so, here is my project status: Prayer Shawl.

I'm going to add a progress picture when I get 2 more repeats done, so I'll post them on here too if you guys aren't on Ravelry.

Here is a picture of my yarn. No progress pictures because there's not much to see until I can pick it back up next week.

I'll have to admit I'm a little disappointed in the yarn color. It showed a more orange color on the website. I still like it, but I ordered it specifically because it was orange.
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