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Welcome to KH, Grami!

I'm a Grammy, too! I live in the Kent, Washington area...about 2.5 hours north of your town. I have been to Longview many times however. We have friends who live in Kelso, Longview, and Toutle. I also have customers who live in Longview.

Anyways, I think you are a great knitter! We can't all do everything, and if you have mastered socks...more power to ya! I knit lots of sweaters and such, however, I have yet to knit even one sock. I find them intimidating! I don't know why. I really should get on the ball and give it a try! Socks were my 2008 GOAL. That, and entrelac. Tried entrelac last year, and my swatch turned out all catty-wampus!

Again, WELCOME! Keep in touch here, and in the forums. If you need any help in posting links or photos, let us know! We are all happy to help newbies!!
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