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Originally Posted by Karina View Post
I am still doing mine nearly finished the fronts have about 16 row to go. then on to the sleeves.

Look forward to seeing yours. Can't believe it only took 2 hours. Makes me feel a bit better, have been dreading the seaming. I will make sure I do the knit stitch on the sleeves, on the fronts I did the add one stitch to the neck side and knit it every row because Lisa Kay said it made it easier to pick up the stitches for the button band.

I do have one question when I put the stitches on the holder that contains the cable section that is to go over the hood, I have more stitches in the cable section (12 instead of 10) so I will have less stitches left on the final row. will it matter or do I have to do something to adjust for that. I have read through the Lisa Kay blog and there is no mention of it there. Maybe I am making it into a big thing when it means nothing?

I dunno why you should have 12 stitches in reserve for up and over the hood. But, when you eventually pick them up to begin the hood, I would decrease them down to 10 real on the very first row you can.

If you are supposed to work that cable with 10, then you need to work the cable with 10. But if you can move the two over to the hoodie side of the stitch marker, then that'd be ok, too.

I just don't know where the 2 extra stitches are residing within that cable section of 10 to give you a better answer.
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