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Originally Posted by heatherg23 View Post

I got a strange question. Is there something a knitter can buy to cover the right index finger & the left hand thumb. I ask because when I'm knitting with small needles (that have sharp tips) it kills my index finger especially. You know what I your knitting you push the needle with your right index finger to transfer the new stitch to the right needle. I'm doing a cable pattern and it gets VERY tight and knitting the back of a cable row is painful.

I was thinking of a thimble but that would probably come off in a second.

Any other ideas?

Thanks so much!!
i had the same problem when i knit with dpn's. i usually just put platers on the effected fingers (a bit extreme i know, but it works). personally i think thimbles would get in the way of my knitting.plasters werent great as the needles would get caught on them and then rip them badly. so you then get sticky ends to the needles. a new problem to get over lol.

i'll be interested to see what people surgesta s well
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