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First off, I can't figure out why I'm the one with all the oddball questions.......still, here goes.
Am I the only one that thinks of the triangular style when they think "shawl"?
The reason I ask this is that I would like to attempt to knit a shawl. If it turns out, I'd like to try and see if I get some made up to sell. Thus, I don't want to use a copyrighted pattern. I have the Readers Digest Complete Guide To Needlework that I've had for almost 30 years....the knitting section gives instructions for several lace stitches. As such ( and giving that they say the stitches date back to such and such a time, when lacemaking was popular, blah,blah,blah), it's my feeling that these are stitch patterns that would be in the public domain (kind of like ribbing, seed stitch, moss stitch, etc.). There's a gorgeous stitch that's labeled "horseshoe" that I think would be gorgeous in a's based on a 10 + 1 multiple.
So, if I try to make it triangular, do I start with one 10 + 1, have a second row of increases, third row of 10 +1, 10 +1, etc; or do I just try and make a rectangular shawl? As you can tell, I've never designed anything.....although I think I might just like to try it and see what happens. My inexperience is scaring me, though.
Any tips or pointers?
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