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Originally Posted by Xyza View Post
I'm doing the opposite. For the sake of feeling like I've accomplished more, I'm starting with the projects that are going to take the least amount of time.
I'm not sure which way I'll go....probably this way and that way. This morning, I picked up the red socks I started long ago. I want to try to have them ready for my son's birthday in a couple weeks.
Originally Posted by auntcrafty View Post
I've lost the pattern & source of where I found this garter-stitch diagonal scarf. I do remember it was in a book I borrowed from the library in Maine. When I looked on-line to see if I could find it, the patterns that came up weren't done in the same way. Thankfully, I remember enough of the pattern to finish it. I also lost the tag for the yarn -- do remember I got it at Craft Mania in Auburn, ME.
I found a few on Google - Diagonal Garter Stitch Scarf Search
Originally Posted by sgtpam View Post
I don't know how to use the button you made; I could probably figure it out...someday...or...maybe somebody could tell me?
I hope that auntcrafty's instructions help you!
There are instructions for "posting photos" linked in my signature. You can use those same instructions for posting a button in your forum signature. Just go to your profile, and click "Edit Signature" to put the button there.
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