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I have put the button in my signature but not sure what I do wrong. every time I get a button the one I had before disappears. I see lots of people on here that have 3 or 4 buttons attached but for the life of me can't figure out how they do it.

My system is going to be work a little on this and a little on that go back and forth so I have a few different things to work on. Could not possible sit down everyday and only work on the blanket I am making I would go insane.

Although I am probably a bit insane already as I have just joined MS4. Could not help myself. I have been waiting for ages since I first saw the MS3 which I missed out on. I have the yarn and beads so it won't actually cost me anything. So I am actually using up stash which got to be a good thing, since I am driving everybody crazy with my yarn all over the house. Well I have till September to finish off some things then I will feel less guilty for starting something else.
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