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Exciting News: New job!
So I was visiting friends Friday and Saturday up in the QC and in the morning I went out to apply for jobs so I can start as soon as possible after I move up to college. I put in several applications when I stopped at Hancock Fabrics.
The woman at the register gave me an application and directed me to fill it out and give it to the manager. One of the questions was "What have you created recently?" and I mentioned that I knit and sew both. The manager looked over it briefly and mentioned, "Oh good, you knit, we need someone who can knit!"
We discussed the hours that I have available, and then she said, "OK, I think I'm going to go ahead and hire you. Come in one that first monday and we'll get the paperwork in order."
I got a job at a craft store! Hired on-the-spot! So excited!
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