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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
My guys don't wear caps, but if they would, I'd make it. Great looking cap.

Probably pretty wise to let you sweetie have the hat, but I've gotta ask, haven't you ever knitted him a sweater?
Yes! I knit him a jacket back in 2006 for our Alaskan Cruise...a May trip, so Alaska had snow and icebergs for us!

He has worn it about 3 times total. He is a 'hot' body...hardly ever wears a coat...and never a sweater. He just says don't waste my time on knitting him anything.

It was called BASKETCASE...pattern taken from a book called "Knit a Sweater He Will Wear". I involved him (per the author's advice) in the selection of the pattern, the yarn, the color, the buttons, and the fit. I used 5 strands of CASCADE 220 WOOL to get the gauge required. This jacket is THICK and warm. Well it worked nicely for Alaska, and one time at home, in an ice storm and power outage, we walked down to the Panera Bakery for coffee (they had lights and hot coffee and Pastries!). And he hasn't worn it since. He likes it...he's just never cold enough to wear it. Or, the cold weather he's in doesn't call for a jacket that is so nice. What can I say. He's an 'easy keeper'. So I just knit for myself and others. Not him.

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