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Awwww Penny that stinks. I saw that yarn online recently and was actually going to try it because I saw reviews that it was soooo soft. I don't think I'll bother with it now after hearing that. I'm sorry that's happening. I wouldn't risk it for the whole shawl...especially after such a loss when it's comfort she needs, not something else that falls apart :(. Have you continued knitting since you noticed it falling apart by row 5, or did you stop there? I'm hoping you haven't gotten too far into it. How much yarn did you buy for it? Maybe we can help figure out what else that yarn would be good for if you decide to change yarns.

As for the Alix's prayer shawl. I've finished with my other projects and I'm back on track. I had no idea it was knitted from the top down, and I had a scare last night when I was looking at some others and noticed mine appeared to be upside down! I emailed another person on Ravelry and asked about it, and she was so nice and wrote back telling me it was knitted from the neck down. I'm SO inexperienced, I have no idea how this is going to turn into a point, but I guess I'll have to trust the pattern.

I have an update picture. You can't really see much since it's bunched up on the needles, but here it is (the white in the picture is dental floss for my lifeline). I have ordered a longer needle so I can spread it out more, and after a couple more repeats I think I'll put it on waste yarn to really spread it out to take a good look. I've noticed a few mistakes, but I'm going to call them "design features" because I don't have time to fix them. lol

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