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Originally Posted by Azlynn View Post
Awwww Penny that stinks. I saw that yarn online recently and was actually going to try it because I saw reviews that it was soooo soft. I don't think I'll bother with it now after hearing that. I'm sorry that's happening. I wouldn't risk it for the whole shawl...especially after such a loss when it's comfort she needs, not something else that falls apart :(. Have you continued knitting since you noticed it falling apart by row 5, or did you stop there? I'm hoping you haven't gotten too far into it. How much yarn did you buy for it? Maybe we can help figure out what else that yarn would be good for if you decide to change yarns.
Love yours! Can't wait to see the end results!

I stopped knitting until I could figure out what else to do. She doesn't know I was planning to send her a comfort shawl, so I can safely stop working on it and make something else with the bamboo later. I have 8 skeins all together and since I don't have to decide what to do with it right now, I'm putting it back in the box. I'm going to be focusing on my other UFOs, the oddball blankets, and dishcloths. I think I would like to make a shawl like yours sometime.

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