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Originally Posted by Gertie View Post
Bomber jacket? Oooh. Please post pics when done. What pattern?
I designed it myself. It started out as a VOGUE pattern (a gentleman's shawl collar mohair cardigan) but that all changed. The only thing I loosely used from the VOGUE pattern is the schematics, and even those changed when my dear brother announced that he likes his jackets and sweaters to be no more than 25". Gah! The original VOGUE cardigan was 30". And, Rick doesn't like fuzzy yarns...he wanted a charcoal tweed. So now back to the drawing board. That one change in length impacted the pocket design, the lapels, the neckline graduation and the collar. I ended up making adjustments towards the bomber jacket (flight jacket) style. But the pattern for everything is all mine. You should see my notebook. What a mess. If I attempted to knit this thing 6 months from now...I could hardly decipher my notes! I bet I'd have to start from scratch again! It's a nightmare of pattern changes and re-dos that should be on the SCI-FI channel at 3am!

The jacket is 95% done. I have to clip the sleeves into the armholes (prior to seaming)...and I'll have my DH try it on. I want to make sure the sleeves are not too roomy in the biceps area. If they are, I will mattress seam inside the edges about 1/2" to 1" from the edge instead of just inside the edge. This will ease away the sleeves extra width. Then all I'll have to do on the inside is cut away the extra fabric. Like you cut steeks. The edges roll to the inside, and you whipstitch them down a bit. Knitting doesn't ravel sideways, so this will not create a "run" into the sleeve.

Once that's done, all that's left is seaming up the sides and sleeves! Everything else is done, including buttons! (I bought black leather buttons! Wow, they are handsome!)
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