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Originally Posted by Gertie View Post
Good night!!

You sure do love your brother to go thru all that.

I'm sure it'll look fantastic.
I love him with all my being! And we're such good pals, too! Sometimes I think his wife and my husband might feel out of the loop when we're all together! Rick and I have so much in common. He knows I'm up late. He'll call at 11pm when he can't sleep...and we'll talk til 2am about this and that...computers, dogs, travel, technology, business, you name it. We can gab (and laugh!) about anything for hours. A brother is better than a girlfriend in a way! He and I are it. No other siblings, and our mom and dad are deceased. We're it.

However, when all 4 of us (me, John, Rick & Ethel) are together, we try not to talk as much with each other. I try to focus on Ethel, and Rick focuses on John. And John loves Rick to death! I hope Ethel loves me. She is a nice woman, kinda quiet, and very big-hearted. My brother is a handful, I'll tell ya that! I mean, he's a go-getter, a live-wire. You'd love him!

As couples go...Ethel is perfect for Rick, and John is perfect for me!
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