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HI Gals,
I hadn't popped into the WA knitters spot in a while so I wanted to say HI to you all. Nice to see some new faces.

Grammi, that is so cool that you learned to amek socks on your own and have a cool way it works for you.

Artsynik, There is another big knitting website called and it is very popular. You have to put in for an invitation to join because it is a small run operation but has become so popular they let people join slowly so as to be able to handle the load. I finally put in for one and just got it so I haven't actually gone and joined yet. It looks big and intimidating to me but I am going to give it a try anyway at least to look at other people's knits. LOL

I just finished another pumpkin hat for my nephew due at the end of Sept but it will be too big for when he is born and I fear too small by the time he is 1, story of my life with knitting. I got another cute pattern I am planning to try to make for him called a Baby Yoda sweater. After I am done cleaning my house and having DS Bday party this weekend I will start on that.
Have a nice day, Chris

p.s. I am horrible at typing and sometimes do not catch all of my eight million typos per post I have to correct so forgive my constant typos
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