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Originally Posted by Azlynn View Post
Lori, I'm so glad you got to give your mom that one last gift and she was able to wear it. That's so sweet I just don't even have the right words for you...

Penny, I'm still weirded out by your yarn problem. I was looking on Ravelry at all the other projects that used that bamboo yarn, and everyone seems to love it. They're using it for toys, tops, hats, etc., and everyone comments on how much they love it. No complaints of breakage or anything. I wonder if it's just the loose ends not being woven in that was splitting. The actually knitted rows didn't break, did they? I know it seems like I'm obsessing on your yarn. haha
Yes it was just the end, but I have never had a yarn break off like that & all the stitches I had worked got very "hairy" -- which some yarns do -- I don't know. I'll frog and throw away the section of yarn I had knit. I'm wondering if it is because I frogged it more than twice -- but that doesn't make sense if it's supposed to wear well. I should try a different skein to see what happens.

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